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Craig is known as one of the top minds when it comes to systemic poverty and trauma in America. Craig is a seven-time author and former decorated Army veteran. Craig’s self-made success comes from his hustle, his grit and his relentless desire to never give up. Raised by a single mother who was addicted to drugs and living in poverty with no clear path to success. Craig repeated 3rd & 5th grade, was diagnosed with a learning disability, and was kicked out of school often. Craig ultimately dropped out of high school.

As one of the most in demand speakers in America, Craig electrifies audiences both large and small. Craig delivers an incredibly inspiring and actionable presentation. Craig has coined the phrase GED to PhD. Whether live or on a virtual stage, Craig brings high-energy, humor and audience interaction to all his presentations.

Craig is a master storyteller, people are drawn in immediately to Craig and the essence of his message. Craig has worked with a myriad of diverse companies, school districts, universities, correctional facilities, and organizations, large and small. He is the definition of a “True Underdog.”

Craig Boykin


5:00 pm
Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Trauma, Poverty, Detached Parents, and IEPs, PLEASE HELP ME!

Poverty and trauma are all too common in America’s schools. What’s rare is an opportunity for educators to sit and absorb first-hand from a former at-risk student who dropped out, endured a mother abusing drugs, absent father, and learning disability. In this engaging session participants will unlearn perceived fallacies about students from poverty. A school reflects society. Within a school’s walls are especially vulnerable students, such as those with histories of neglect, trauma, or violence. Schools are well positioned to help these traumatized students. Although some might argue that teachers should focus solely on academics, the reality is that teachers can’t teach effectively if their students are not able to focus on learning. Students cannot learn effectively when they are burdened by the effects of trauma and poverty. Craig’s trademark slogan, GED to PHD is a concrete paradigm that educators should never give up on any student.