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Angela Maiers:  An educator for 30 years, Angela’s work in 78,000 classrooms across 100 countries has rallied more than a million children who have banded together to launch 170 social enterprises and pass 17 laws. In 2011, she gave a TEDTalk on the power of two simple words: You Matter, and the video went viral. What resulted was the start of a movement which became the global non-profit organization, Choose2Matter. As its Founder, Angela’s mission is to help individuals recognize their value and potential contribution to change both their own lives and the world.


5:00 pm
Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Mattering IS The Agenda


When we think of people who made the biggest impact in our lives, it was the ones who most sincerely believed in us and who let us know through their words and actions that we mattered. Everyone in our lives needs that same validation. Mattering is a universal human need. We cannot capture the minds of our students, colleagues, employees, and customers if we do not first capture their hearts. Research shows that feeling like we matter at work and in the world is not a “nice to have.” It is a fundamental human need critical for motivation, fulfillment and wellbeing. You matter is not a statement of inspiration. It is not a project, strategy, event, or item on the agenda. It is the agenda. Mattering is not something that just happens to you. It is something you actively pursue.  In this session, we will:

• Discover ingredients for mattering that lead to meaning and significance.
• Explore the practice of mattering in our lives and work.
• Understand how to make people feel noticed, valued and needed.