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Known as ‘The Connection Coach’, Tara Brown is president of Learner’s Edge Consulting and an Award-winning educator, author and international speaker. She holds a M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision.

Tara’s 35-year professional journey as a teacher/coach has taken her from rural Florida to gang territory in California and to one of the largest high schools in Tennessee. Her international engagements have included Dubai and Beirut working with both teachers and youth.

During the 1990s, Tara worked with ‘Communities in Schools’, and established a successful program at Lindbergh Middle School in Long Beach, Ca. She worked closely with at-risk teens, many who were entrenched in the gang lifestyle.

In 2005, in Nashville Tn., Tara played a key role in piloting a Leadership Development program at Antioch High School targeting Non-traditional leaders. Because of the success of this program, earned Tara the ‘Pioneer Award’ and ‘Teacher of the Year’ award in 2006.

Since leaving the classroom, Tara’s passion and humor continues to drive her work with adults around the globe. Through her keynotes and trainings, Tara’s goal is to motivate and better equip adults with a deeper understanding of the power of human connections to increase motivation, engagement and unleash potential.

Tara Brown


5:00 pm
Monday, September 26, 2022

Embracing the Power of Your Leadership Footprint

It has been said that ‘we never touch another so lightly that we do not leave a trace’. In this humorous inspirational keynote, Tara emphasizes that we are all leaders in some capacity, regardless of title or position, and that kids are constantly seeking leaders who they can follow. Through powerful stories of her time spent both teaching and coaching diverse populations, Tara emphasizes the importance of embracing intentional actions that will inspire and motivate. Characteristics of great leaders will be discussed and attendees will take away tremendous encouragement with which to embrace the power of their leadership footprint on a daily basis.