Michael Waiksnis is a former teacher, coach and principal. He has served students, teachers and parents in schools ranging from high performing to at-promise. Dr. Waiksnis has spent years working to change the trajectory of schools and positively influence the lives of students. His interests include building professional learning communities, working with at-promise students and schools, and developing innovative programs. He currently serves as Executive Director of Middle and Secondary Education in Fort Mill, SC.

Michael Waiksnis


4:00 pm
Tuesday, June 15, 2021

From At-Risk to At-Promise: Equity for All

Equity is a critical element in every school and every district. We have the enormous responsibility to make sure every student has an equitable learning experience that leads to outcomes that allows them to be ready for college and/or career. In this session, we will take a deep dive and look at ways to ensure equitable learning opportunities are happening for EVERY child in your school.