Sucheta Kamath is an award-winning SLP, TEDx speaker, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher-in-training and entrepreneur whose patented digital EF curriculum, ExQ, is innovating personalized learning in K-12 education.  On her podcast, Full PreFrontal:  Exposing the Mysteries of Executive Function, she showcases the intersection between neuroscience, cognitive psychology, education, rehabilitation, and social cognition.  Finally, as a graduate of Leadership Atlanta (2015), she is involved in many racial healing projects, interfaith engagements, and community programing for the homeless.  

Sucheta Kamath


1:00 pm
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Paving the Path to Equitable Outcomes: Strengthening Executive Function to Empower ALL Students

The most effective students can plan their work, manage their time, handle their emotions, and know how to ask for help.  The underlying skill that supports and promotes student agency is well-developed Executive Function which ranges from mental capacity to sustained attention, organize materials, prioritize actions, approach learning flexibly, and think about the future to achieving success in and outside of school.  However, far too many students receive little, if any, direct and explicit instruction in masting Executive Function skills which can help them become self-aware learners and self-devised strategic thinkers.  This lack of training rooted in the science of learning how to learn, disproportionately affects marginalized students and students from low socio-economic communities, impacting their career and college readiness.  Executive Function training has been proven as one important way to help students close this gap.  

In this session, discover how Executive Function is the key to all learning and discover five strategies for resolving common barriers to teaching students Executive Function directly, explicitly, and equitably.  Participants will also understand how empowering students with critical Executive Function skills helps them develop the practices and behaviors needed to achieve success.