Cathy Ann


A nineteen-year veteran of the classroom, a former high school principal, a consultant in an Education Service, and a national presenter around issues of special education and economic generational poverty. Dr. Hamilton presents concrete strategies for increasing academic achievement, researched-based best practices that bring hope and help to children of poverty, children of color, children whose first language is not English, and children with identified disabilities.  

Cathy Ann Hamilton


10:00 am
Thursday, June 17, 2021

Using our Brain to Understand Theirs: The Intersect between Economic Poverty and Teaching Strategies

We have known in our heart and now know in our head that academically at-risk children must have intentional intervention in our school settings if they are to increase academic achievement: Children of color, children who do not own English as their dominant language, children with identified disability, and, of course, children of poverty. A national presenter and herself a child of generational poverty, Dr. Cathy Hamilton explores the intersection between the economically poor and our teaching strategies, dispersing practical approaches in her presentation.