Dr. Glaser is a consultant, author, and teacher educator with expertise in reading assessment and proven instructional methods. Following her teaching career, she became director of a non- profit dyslexia learning center where she developed programs to teach teachers and students. She was in an original National LETRS trainer, is a policy advisor to the National Council on Teacher Quality and regularly contributes to the evaluation of university programs that prepare our teachers to teach reading. Dr. Glaser is author and co-author of five books. Her most recent contributions to the field are her online reading courses, The Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools: Instruction that Makes a Difference and Morpheme Magic Lessons to Teach Morphological Awareness.

Deb Glaser


7:00 pm
Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Teaching Morphological Awareness: Let's be Word Scientists!

Morphological awareness has been linked to many reading skills including vocabulary, writing, and comprehension.  This research is important to pay attention to, however many teachers are not sure what to do to improve their students’ morphological awareness.  This workshop will provide a crash course in morphology and present several techniques to help teachers establish routines of instruction.  Syllable instruction will also be addressed as well as systemic and explicit lesson elements of word analysis for intermediate and secondary students.  Learn how to teach morphological awareness while strengthening your own.