The Center of Excellence sponsors P–12 Outreach Projects for Partner District members twice annually.

As part of the acceptance process, recipients agree to share their projects with Summer Institute attendees.

Learn about recent Center-funded projects, and access the Grant Writing Training presentation that is designed to introduce the grant-writing process and to support your future submissions.

Grant-Writing Training

Learn & Play: Virtual Family Engagement for Pre-K

Lexington 1

This grant provided a 14-week virtual family engagement program with an emphasis on building foundational skills for preschool children.  Funds were provided to support the purchasing of backpacks for each family that included preschool concept books and other supplies for at-home instruction.

Thriving Beyond Bias


This grant provided middle and high school teachers the opportunity to explore biases towards children of poverty, create core beliefs/values as a district and develop strategies to better serve all students.  Funds were provided to provide virtual professional development experiences related to bias assessment, neuroscience of trauma and trauma-informed teaching, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness in the classroom.

Dent Depot

Richland 2

This grant provided a sort of shopping center where students and families experiencing homelessness or were at risk of homelessness could access basic supplies.  Funds were provided to support the purchase of non-perishable foods, hygiene items, school supplies, etc. for the Depot. 

Explore, Discover & Learn in The R.E.D. Zone


This grant provided multiple Literacy-based and STEM-focused learning centers geared towards age-appropriate activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.  Funds were provided to create permanent centers and to support a family involvement component.  

Multisensory Accommodations for All Learners

Florence 1

This grant provided resources to accommodate multisensory learners to increase student engagement and academic achievement.  Funds were provided to purchase a variety of flexible seating options, as well as reading, writing, and focusing supports.

P.A.S.S. Project

Richland 2
This grant provided a tutoring and homework center for students struggling academically. Funds were provided for the tutoring center, student t-shirts and other incentives, a school supply closet for academic needs, and refreshments for a family event.

Bee Engaged Readers

Richland 2

This grant provided take-home reading kits so all 1st graders could work on reading skills and building fluency and included a Virtual Bee Engaged Literacy Night and the creation of Reading Bee Buddies where 4th graders were paired with 1st graders for virtual reading. Funds were provided to support the purchasing of the take-home reading packages, the literacy night, and incentives for the completion of weekly READO activities.