R.E.A.L Youth Voices, Lives, and Experiences

Horace Hall

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Horace Hall presents:

R.E.A.L. Youth Voices, Lives and Experiences: Moving from the Margins to the Center of Society

This session from Horace Hall is critical for educators, researchers and students of education who have particular interests in re-imagining and reconstructing institutional and communal spaces to be anti-racist and anti-classist. In this vein, this interactive presentation focuses on the experiences and futures of youth of color without the spectacle of white supremacy and is guided by the question, “What is the world we want to see for our Students of Color?” This session will also encourage extensive dialogue related to the relevance and essentialism of school-based youth mentoring and youth activist programs that speak to institutional practices, education and policy reform.

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Horace Hall

Horace R. Hall, PhD is Professor in the departments of African Black Diaspora, Critical Ethnic Studies and Teacher Education. His scholarship investigates four key areas: 1) racialized geography; 2) institutional exclusion; 3) youth voice and activism; and 4) policy transformation.

In his efforts to merge theory into action, Dr. Hall is co-founder and co-director of the R.E.A.L (Respect, Excellence, Attitude and Leadership) Youth Program, Inc. Since 2000, R.E.A.L. has worked closely with youth and their families in challenging political and economic inequities prevalent within Black and Latinx Chicago communities.

Beyond his duties and responsibilities as a professor and community activist, Dr. Hall has also published a number of volumes, such as Mentoring Young Men of Color (2006); Understanding Teenage Girls (2011); Uprooting Urban America (2014); and his most recent book is titled, Always on Lockdown (2020).