Questioning and Feedback to Advance Student Learning

Jackie Walsh

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Jackie Walsh presents: Questioning and Feedback to advance Student Learning

Feedback isn’t formative until students use it to take the next step in reaching their learning goals. In this session, you’ll delve into the features of feedback that make it productive and examine the components of quality questioning that contribute to this result. You’ll also explore three student roles that build their capacity to seek, use, and provide feedback. More specifically, you will have opportunities to:

  • Deepen your understanding of feedback as a reciprocal, dialogical, and cyclical process that requires a partnership between teachers and students.
  • Identify quality questioning practices that teachers and students can use to generate effective feedback.
  • Assess strategies and tools you can use to build student capacity as users of feedback.
  • Link questioning and feedback practices to the nurturing of students who self-monitor and self-regulate their learning.

The session will feature viewing of selected videos followed by dialogue about emerging insights and questions. Time will also be allocated for personal reflection, interaction with other participants and the facilitator, and identification of take-aways most relevant to your work with children of poverty.

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Jackie Walsh

Jackie Walsh is a life-long advocate for learning for all students and is passionate about the potential of classroom questioning to promote this goal. She began her questioning journey as a high school social studies teacher and school leader. She has deepened her knowledge through research and by listening to and learning from thousands of teachers whom she has engaged in professional learning over the past three decades. Seven books have emerged from this work, the most recent of which is Questioning for Formative Feedback (ASCD, 2022). Jackie works with schools and districts across the country as an independent consultant. She is an avid reader, traveler, sometime gardener, and sports enthusiast who enthusiastically follows her alma maters’ teams— Duke (A.B.) and the University of Alabama (Ph.D.). Her greatest joy comes from time shared with her children and grandchildren