Poverty, Trauma, and the Resilience Solution

Dr. Sandy Addis

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Dr. Sandy Addis presents: Poverty, Trauma, and the Resilience Solution

Research by the National Dropout Prevention Center has established a direct link between three factors: a) high incidence of trauma among children of poverty, b) frequent behavior and learning problems among trauma-impacted youth, and c) resiliency skills as the key to school success and graduation. The presentation will explain the findings that establish these relationships and the Trauma Skilled Schools Model that is proven to take high-poverty schools beyond “trauma informed” to develop “skilled” educators who rebuild resiliency or poverty-impacted and trauma-impacted students.

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Dr. Sandy Addis

Dr. Sandy Addis has 48 years experience in public education as a teacher, coach, counselor, principal, system administrator, and regional service agency director.  He has worked with the National Dropout Prevention Center (NDPC) since 2013 and currently serves as Chairman of NDPC.  Dr. Addis has written extensively on a variety of dropout prevention issues and most recently led a team of researchers to develop the Trauma-Skilled Schools Model that is currently utilized in several hundred school systems across the nation.