Off the Sidelines and Back in the Game

Doc Holliday

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Doc Holliday presents: Get Off the Sidelines and Back in the Game

American public education has just experienced one of its most traumatic and challenging years ever.  Many of our students have studied in isolation.  Far too many of our teachers have been forced to adhere to the demands of politicians instead of seasoned educators as to what is in the best interest of providing a quality education for children.  This virtual seminar will share cutting edge ideas that generate careful thought from even our most reluctant learners as we hit the ground running in the Fall.  Teachers must be able to begin a new school year with a new sense of urgency and new common-sense tools in their toolbox.  I choose to use the metaphor of “Huddling Up” which happens often when athletic teams come together to talk over adjustments or different strategies to be successful during competitive games.  Educators have been relegated to the sidelines over the past year with little opportunity to offer their professional impute and advice.   The time is now to kick our ideas into gear and to “Get off the Sidelines and Back into the Game”.

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Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday has been a building principal for more than four decades (1970 -2005) in Georgia and Ohio at the middle and high school levels.  His schools have long been characterized and recognized for exceeding expectations because of his willingness to take acceptable academic risks that are in the best interest of students.  His sensible and savvy leadership talents, and his success as a change agent have been demonstrated during his career.

He has presented many cutting-edge ideas at numerous state, regional, national and international conferences (China) over the years.  He has served as a classroom teacher in rural and urban settings.  He has served as a middle and high school principal for parts of three different decades.  He has been Assistant Superintendent for School Improvement in the 2nd largest public-school district in Georgia. He retired as Associate Professor Emeritus (Educational Leadership) from Kennesaw State University.  He believes that public schools must learn how to take advantage of the current uncharted opportunities and learn how to stretch the few resources that are within our control.  We must do more with a commonsense approach to teaching   His most recent book “Values:  Stand for Something! Is designed to assist adults in reconnecting on an intellectual level with their students.