Paving the Path to Equitable Outcomes

Sucheta Kamath

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Sucheta Kamath presents: Paving the Path to Equitable Outcomes: Strengthening Executive Function to Empower ALL Students

True equity in education is to prepare all students to become goal-directed, self-driven, and future-focused adults so that they can engage in the global economy and civil discourse while maintaining personal well-being. However, because of the historically rooted disparities, varied practices of schooling and inconsistencies in students’ preparedness, the outcomes aren’t always equitable across race and class lines. A new frontier in education is to expand students’ mental capacity by training Executive Function to sustain engagement, self-motivate, organize materials, prioritize actions, approach learning flexibly, problem solve daily, and maintain emotional equilibrium in and beyond school. Join Sucheta Kamath to explore the neuroscience of Executive Function and learn how direct and explicit instructional curriculum that promotes the mastery of Executive Function can cultivate the necessary self-awareness and critical thinking skills essential to strategize for learning and life while coping with changing environments and challenging times.

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Sucheta Kamath

Sucheta Kamath, is an award-winning speech-language pathologist, a TEDx speaker, and a tech-entrepreneur who has created ExQ®; a 100% digital, patented and cloud-based curriculum for middle and high school students designed to assess, personalize, and build Executive Function skills through games, error analysis, and metacognitive lessons. Sucheta has also built an ExQ Teacher Academy with in-depth training and expansive resources for K-12 educators. She is the host of the Full PreFrontal®: Exposing the Mysteries of Executive Function; where her invited guests range from neuroscientists, researchers, educators, SLPs, sociologists, anthropologists, journalists, and even business leaders.

For more than 13 years, Sucheta has had a daily contemplative practice and is currently working on completing the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with a focus on DEI with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

Finally, Sucheta is deeply committed to volunteerism and while serving on many boards she prioritizes her work through the lens of Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. For the past four years, she has founded and currently runs (along with her GSHA
colleagues) GSHA Gives!, a free communication and Executive Function job-readiness training program for previously homeless, incarcerated, and disenfranchised
men returning to building a meaningful life in the inner-city Atlanta.

In her spare time, Sucheta loves to read, cook and travel the world with her husband and their two sons.