Building Thinking Classrooms

Peter Liljejedahl

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Peter Liljedahl presents: Building Thinking Classrooms

Much of how classrooms look and much of what happens in them today is guided by institutional norms laid down at the inception of an industrial-age model of public education. These norms have enabled a culture of teaching and learning that is often devoid of student thinking. In this session, I present some of the results of over 15 years of research into how teachers can transform their classrooms from a space where students mimic to where students think. The practices discussed will intertwine with, and make extensive references to, the best-selling book, Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics (Grades K-12): 14 Teaching Practices for Enhancing Learning.

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Peter Liljejedahl

Peter Liljedahl is an educator and researcher known for his significant contributions to the field of mathematics education, particularly in the development of & "Building Thinking Classrooms." With a passion for fostering deep mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills, Peter Liljedahl has dedicated his career to reshaping classroom environments. His work emphasizes collaborative learning, problem-solving, and student engagement, leading to more effective and meaningful mathematics education experiences. Through his innovative teaching methods and research, Peter Liljedahl continues to inspire educators worldwide to create dynamic and thought-provoking learning spaces.