Bridging Success: Building Relationships for Greater Achievement

Lorenza Pharrams

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Lorenza Pharrams presents: Bridging Success: Building Relationships for Greater Achievement

In the quest to ensure that data-driven instruction is occurring, many have lost sight of the
importance of positive teacher-student connections to obtain that goal. Mistakenly, copious educators are attempting to achieve educational rigor without an adequate understanding of the need for genuine teacher- student relationships and other paramount strategies when educating students who are traumatized and labeled as “at-risk!” Maslow before Bloom is more than a catchphrase. During the presentation, Dr. Pharrams will provide attendees with best practices for reaching at-risk and traumatized students based on theory, research, and practice. His presentation is motivational, inspirational, and informational as he shares his life story of finding clothes in garbage dumpsters, neighborhood violence, and strategies he has implemented over the past 25 years as an educator. The intervention of educators in Dr. Pharrams’ life who understood the importance of establishing positive relationships was the catalyst that changed his life.

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Lorenza Pharrams

Lorenza Pharrams, Ed.D. is a highly sought-after altruistic educational work consultant who possesses compassion for all students but has a specific calling to work with at-risk populations. His humble upbringing and passion for equality in teaching and learning have afforded him the opportunity to transition schools from merely existing to thriving. His methods have often been considered unorthodox, yet effective. He personifies the educational triad of theory, research, and practice. Dr. Pharrams’ effective leadership strategies have catapulted classroom teachers to assistant principals, principals, and school district directors. His viewpoint on the importance of relevance, rigor, and relationships has transformed classroom dynamics and created an environment for systemic growth, district-wide. Dr. Pharrams is considered an expert in the field of at-risk and has dedicated 25 years of his career to working in some of the most challenging environments educators encounter. He is an advocate and proficient trainer in Restorative Practices. Additionally, he has conducted extensive research in the areas of student discipline and trauma. Throughout his journey in the field of education, he served students in the state of Alabama in various capacities including, but not limited to, teacher, assistant principal, principal (16 years), principal mentor, and district director of At-Risk Students, Attendance, Virtual Learning, and Alternative Learning Programs. Dr. Pharrams is the author of the book entitled “Nobody Told Them They Were Somebody: A Guide to Helping At-Risk Students.