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Robyn Jackson

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Robyn Jackson presents: 7 Questions You Must Answer Before We Re-Open School

As many of us begin to think about when and how to re-open schools, we are primarily concerned with logistics. Will we continue distance learning? Will we go to a hybrid model? Will blended learning work? But these questions, while important, are still premature. The real questions we should be answering are questions around how we will ensure meaningful and equitable learning experiences for ALL students no matter what school model we choose. In this webinar, we’ll consider 7 key questions we must answer before we re-open schools.  Plus, we’ll explore a simple framework to help us answer these questions in ways that ensure that ALL students have access to rich, challenging learning experiences.

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Robyn Jackson

Dr. Robyn R. Jackson is passionate about the profession of teaching. She helps teachers and
administrators understand the principles of mastery teaching and shows them how to apply these
principles in order to help every student succeed. As a former high school English teacher and middle
school administrator, she refined these principles on her own journey to become a master teacher.
As a best-selling author, internationally recognized keynote speaker, and professional developer, she
provides step-by-step advice and strategies on how to use these same principles to become or help
others become master teachers. Because she believes that every child deserves a master teacher
and that any teacher can become a master teacher with the right kind of support and practice, she
started Mindsteps™ Inc., a professional development firm located in Washington, DC to provide the
right kind of practice for teachers and the administrators who lead them. She doesn't just want to
change how we teach; Dr. Jackson wants to change the way that we think about teaching.