Classroom Management Strategies

Danielle Major Murphy presents: Classroom Management Strategies that Reduce Teacher Stress and Increase Learning This session will provide strategies for effective classroom management by building a classroom with clear defined limits, mutual respect, and warm emotional support. Specifically, participants will learn to respond positively and proactively when inappropriate student behavior affects the classroom environment by […]

Interactive Writing

Hope Halfacre and Whitney Umbarger presents: Interactive Writing: The Power of a Simple Message Phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, orthographic mapping, and concepts about printare essential to building a strong literacy foundation. In this session, we will share a structure formeeting the foundational literacy needs of diverse learners in your classroom through interactivewriting. Participants will […]

Cognitive and Academic Effects of Poverty

Amanda Butler presents: The Least of These: The Cognitive and Academic Effects of Poverty Failing test scores have been a blemish on our nation’s report card for decades and, while society has agreed there is a problem, the solutions to these problems miss the mark. The solution lies within understanding adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and […]

Mock Trials in the ELA Classroom

Yadennis Walantas presents: Using Mock Trials in the ELA Classroom Shake up your ELA instruction with mock trials. Mock trials are research-driven, hands on learning opportunity that has a record of accomplishment with students of all levels and can reinvigorate any curriculum. In this workshop, we will examine the benefits of using mock trials as […]

Parental Substance Abuse

Lakin Hanna presents: Parental Substance Abuse–Our Response as Educators This session will dive head first into the ever-growing opioid epidemic which is causing anationwide ripple throughout our communities. As educators, how do we support these studentswith specific needs and work with families to ensure children are receiving academic andemotional support at home? It’s not an […]

Leveraging Leadership for Impact

Mary Hemphill presents: Leveraging 21st Century Leadership for 22nd Century Impact: Educators are standing at the edge of a momentous moment in the Fourth Industrial Revolution where leaders have a rare & critical opportunity to reimagine leadership structures & strategies that will deeply impact the 22nd century. In order to leverage our leadership in this […]

Trauma, Poverty, Detached Parents, and IEPs

Craig Boykin presents: Trauma, Poverty, Detached Parents and IEPs: Please Help Me! Poverty and trauma are all too common in America’s schools. What’s rare is an opportunity for educators to sit and absorb first-hand from a former at-risk student who dropped out, endured a mother abusing drugs, absent father, and learning disability. In this engaging […]

Teaching and Leading with FOCUS

Michael Schmoker presents: Teaching and Leading with Focus In this session, teachers and leaders will learn precisely where schools should focus their precious time and resources to ensure that all students are prepared for the demands of college, careers and citizenship. They will learn about the three most essential elements of good schooling, and how […]

Embracing the Power of Your Leadership

Tara Brown presents: Embracing the Power of your Leadership Footprint It has been said that ‘we never touch another so lightly that we do not leave a trace’. In this humorous inspirational keynote, Tara emphasizes that we are all leaders in some capacity, regardless of title or position, and that kids are constantly seeking leaders […]

Hidden Causes of Academic/Behavior Problems

Margaret Searle and Marilyn Swartz presents: Getting to the Hidden Causes of Academic and Behavior Problems Do you need a process to strengthen your RTI/MTSS problem-solving efforts? The hardest part of problem-solving is identifying a student’s specific need and designing an action plan that swiftly addresses the problem. This session, based upon the new ASCD […]

Every Educator is a Chief Empathy Officer

Thomas R. Hoerr presents: Every Educator is a Chief Empathy Officer For success in school and life, students need more than proficiency in academic subjects and good scores on tests; those goals should form the floor, not the ceiling, of their education. To truly thrive, students need to develop attributes that aren’t typically measured on […]

Culturize – Every Student. Every Day.

Jimmy Casas presents: Culturize–Every Student. Every Day. Whatever it Takes. Eradicate Average! CULTURIZE Your School. Average schools don’t inspire greatness—and greatness is what our schools need if we are going to produce world changing learners. In this presentation author and education leader Jimmy Casas shares his 4 Core Principles – Champion for All Kids, Expect Excellence, […]

Executive Function Curriculum

Sucheta Kamath presents: Destination 2032: Executive Function Curriculum as a New Frontier to Promote Equity Amongst Future-Focused Learners True equity in education is to prepare all students to become goal-directed, self-driven, and future-focused adults so that they can engage in the global economy and civil discourse while maintaining personal well-being. However, because of the historically […]

Language Structures and Verbal Reasoning

Carol Tolman Presents: Language Structures and Verbal Reasoning: Missing Links in Close Reading Gough and Tunmer’s Simple View of Reading (SVR) identifies two major components to reading comprehension: word recognition and language comprehension. Dr. Tolman’s presentation focuses on language comprehension; specifically, on the areas of language structures and verbal reasoning, two often-ignored components of reading […]

Relentless About Relationships

Don Parker presents: Relentless About Relationships This presentation discusses the characteristics of at-risk students and the difficulties they face in building trusting relationships with adults in school settings. As a result of attending this workshop and engaging in group work and hands on activities, participants will be able to:

Empowered to Grow

Akil Ross presents: Empowered to Grow: Creating Effective Learning Environments for All Students Empowered people empower people. This address provides educational leaders with a framework to improve teacher retention and increase student engagement. The “Empowering Leadership Framework” gives school leaders a practical guide for improving school outcomes by aligning the mission of the school with […]

One District’s Journey of SEL Implementation

Ralph L. Simpson presents: Social & Emotional Learning: One District’s Journey of SEL Implementation In this session, you will learn about one district’s journey to implement SEL and receive tips for how you can transform your district through Social and Emotional Learning.

Five Grading Shifts for 2022 and Beyond

Matt Townsley presents: Five Grading Shifts for 2022 and Beyond COVID-19 caused many schools to temporarily revise their grading policies and practices. These changes included using “do no harm” grading methods such as freezing previous grades and replacing letter grades with pass-fail. As many schools return to “normal” in 2022, educators have an opportunity to […]

Push Past It!

Angela Searcy presents: Push Past It! A Positive Approach to Intense Challenging Behaviors Stop! Collaborate! And Listen! This workshop will outline a guide to effective behavior planning for intense challenges. This workshop will also outline each phase of the process, what to expect, as well as, tools that support a continuous cycle of each step […]

The Educator’s ATLAS

Weston Kieschnick presents: The Educator’s ATLAS: Your Roadmap to Joyful, Engaging, & Successful Classrooms This session is for teachers struggling with explicit direct instruction, principals primed to speak at their next staff meeting, district personnel preparing to present in front of the school board…literally anyone, who speaks in any capacity, and wants to engage, educate, […]

Anything is Possible!

Derrick Conley presents: Anything is Possible! Building a winning culture with an intentional focus on relationships and growth.

Tackling the Motivation Crisis

Mike Anderson presents: Tackling the Motivation Crisis: How to Activate Student Learning “Do we have to do this?” “Is this going to be graded?” “When am I ever going to use this in real life?” Questions like this can feel infuriating. They seem to indicate a lack of motivation in students, and it’s so disheartening […]

Delivering on the Promise of Literacy for All

Laura Stewart presents: Delivering on the Promise of Literacy for All: Yes, We Can! Teaching children to read is the most pressing educational endeavor of our time. All children deserve equitable access to high-quality, evidence-aligned instruction. Without that instruction, many students will fall through the cracks, diminishing their potential to lead rich literate lives. More […]

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Gloria Ladson-Billings presents: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Asking a Different Question The global pandemic has forced us to rethink much of what we do in education. This talk re-thinks the work of culturally relevant pedagogy to challenge educators to work toward improving how we do our work and better serve students in ways that are equitable […]

Equity in Educational Technology

Victoria Thompson presents: Equity in Educational Technology In education we need to be committed to ensuring our efforts reflect the needs of our classrooms and schools, as well as equity and inclusion. But, where do we begin? And, how can we leverage technology to reach our goals? Attendees will learn about the intersectionality of equity […]

Boosting Literacy Learning

Malissa Ocean and Marilyn Ware presents: Boosting Learning in a Literacy Classroom Boring Literacy Block! Come explore how to jazz up your literacy classroom with brain-based strategies. Learn how to create literacy lessons that can improve your students’ performance and academic success. Walk away with brain-based strategies that can be integrated throughout your entire literacy […]

What Students Really Need

Jodi Zeis presents: What Our Students Really Need Participants will gain new insight on how to effectively and actively engage students in learning. They will come away with why giving students all new equipment or supplies and calling it a day is not the answer.

Turning Up the Volume of Reading

Hope Halfacre and Whitney Umbarger presents: Turning Up the Volume of Reading Innovative ways to increase reading volume for students by providing access to quality books to grow their at-home libraries. We will be sharing how increasing reading volume impacts reading achievement and increases student engagement.

Addressing the Teacher Pipeline Problem

Amanda Snipes presents: Somebody Call the Plumber: Addressing the Teacher Pipeline Problem From preparation to retention, the teacher pipeline is struggling to stay intact, negatively impacting all students—non-minority and minority students. Participants will be presented with current teacher retention research findings and will brainstorm how to address teacher retention for all teachers, minority teachers, and […]

Building a Thinking Classroom

Brandi Cade presents: 3 Practices to Start Building a Thinking Classroom We all want our students to think, but how do we move them from relying on teacher input for every task to problem solving and thinking through tasks on their own? Join me on the journey to “Building Thinking Classrooms” as we take a […]

Engaging Reluctant Learners

Chrystal Wood presents: Tips & Tricks for Engaging the Reluctant Learner Attendees will learn how to make lasting connections with each learner and build positive relationships in a non-threatening environment, while also improving classroom management.

Leading the Way

Ericka Bennett-Bell and Sharon Williams present: Leading the Way: Challenging Students of Poverty to Be Their Best Selves During this session, attendees will learn how to provide enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools. The information provided will be adaptable to all afterschool or before school programs, […]

Foundations Come First

Mike Crabtree presents: Foundations Come First: Building Strong Relationships with Kids & Families in Poverty If building relationships is key to significant learning, that goes double for kids & families in poverty, where relationships are valued about all else. This session will provided strategies to lay that solid foundation to build social and academic success.

Relationships with Older Students

Brittany Shell presents: Ways to Build Relationship and Connection with Older Students Helping teachers make greater connections with students in the classroom as building relationship with children of poverty is vital for student success. In this session, I will provide resources and strategies for helping to build that relationship.

Learning Self-Regulation in a Virtual Setting

Rikki McCormick and Kristen Douglas present: Self-Regulation in a Virtual Setting After March 2020, districts across the state embarked upon the virtual education system journey. Instruction and student support (telehealth, tele-counseling, remote food preparation…) were delivered virtually. In the world of social-emotional learning, calming spaces to help promote self-regulation in a brick-and-mortar setting were just […]

Opportunities to Support Diversity and Inclusion

Teresa Turner presents: Leveraging Choice and Magnet Opportunities to Support Diversity and Inclusion This session draws upon research findings regarding the components found in magnet schools that are both diverse and educationally effective.  Attendees will learn evidence-based policy recommendations aimed at helping schools design, implement, and sustain effective magnet schools that can foster integrated learning […]

Family Involvement 101

Katie Swart presents: Family Involvement 101: It’s all about Partnerships! This engaging session will offer an overview on the importance of family involvement as well as share strategies to help form effective home, school, and community partnerships. Information regarding the National Network for Partnerships Schools (NNPS) will also be provided.

Navigating the IEP

Dr. Cindi Nixon presents: Navigating the IEP and Determining Appropriate Services This session will focus on the key components of an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and detail how to determine the least restrictive environment for a student with a disability. Participants will gain knowledge in how to choose appropriate accommodations to assist in making students […]

Reading Before Reading

Lori Poole presents: Reading Before Reading: The Stages of Emergent Reading This presentation will focus on the progression of emergent reading, with an emphasis on using storybooks to build oral language. We will connect the understanding of Sulzby’s Stages of Emergent Reading with instructional moves as the teacher “nudges” the reader along the progression.

Maximizing Moments

Sharon Williams and Ericka Bennett-Bell present: Maximizing Moments: Strategies for Enrichment Programs During Non-School Hours During this session, attendees will learn how to provide enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools. The information provided will be adaptable to all afterschool or before school programs, including 21st Century […]

Equity and Excellence Right Now

Doug Reeves presents: Equity and Excellence Right Now: The 90 90 90 Solution In this session based on his book, Achieving Equity and Excellence (Solution Tree, 2020), Dr. Douglas Reeves will share the latest research on equity. Since the original publication of the 90 90 90 studies, we have learned a great deal about school […]

Four Laws of Learning

Jennifer Gonzalez presents: Four Laws of Learning (And How to Obey Them in Your Lessons) What really makes a difference in teaching? There are many factors that have a powerful impact, but when it comes to that 45-to 90-minute block of time we set aside for instruction, what activities actually move the needle on learning? […]

Unleash the Science of Learning

Pooja Agarwal presents: Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning This workshop is an indispensable experience for educators who want to take their instruction to the next level. Drawing on a fifteen-year scientist-teacher collaboration, more than 100 years of research, and illustrative examples from K–12 and higher education, Dr. Pooja K. Agarwal, cognitive scientist and […]

Undoing Miseducation: The Brandon Fleming Story

Brandon Fleming presents: Undoing Miseducation: The Brandon Fleming Story In this presentation, Fleming shares his riveting journey from being an at-risk youth and college dropout to becoming an award-winning Harvard educator. Fleming reveals the lessons and tools that he uses to transform underprivileged youth into global champions and Ivy League scholars. Among the many topics addressed are best practices in pedagogy, classroom […]

Being the Best You Can Be

This webinar recording is not available at this time. Gerry Brooks presents: Being the Best You Can Be This presentation focuses on ways to develop positive climate and culture in all situations!

Achievement through Collaboration

Don Doggett presents: Promoting Academic Achievement Through Collaboration: Leadership Matters Through guiding questions and story-telling, participants will explore how to create the right set of circumstances to work with students and families living in poverty. Teacher leadership as well as administrative opportunities are critical to increasing student achievement with this unique population and as participants […]

Consciousness: Discovering What’s Within

Kenston Griffin presents: Consciousness: Discovering What’s Within Consciousness, from the lenses of equity and inclusion, refers to the perception of one’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions regarding their culture in comparison with those of others. Within this session, participants will be equipped with key strategies that will assist in recognizing unconscious and conscious biases in the […]